Magnus: Keep your eye on my horn!

Magnus Script

Version: 1.0
Repository: Eroica-cpp/dota2scripts
Source: Magnus.lua
Require: Utility.lua


  • RP Helper - If blink dagger is ready, when casting RP, magnus will auto blink to the best position first so as to RP as many enemies as possible.
  • Turn-RP - When casting RP, magnus will face current cursor's direction. (As the script has already chosen blink position, you just need to move cursor to a desired position)
  • Kill Steal - Shockwave for KS; estimated position is used.
  • Auto Empower magnus himself or melee ally hero once empower is available.

Please feel free to leave suggestions below, in the forum or github. If you like it, a star for this repo is highly appreciated. Check here for more scripts and latest updates.