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Invoker Script

Version: 1.0
Repository: Eroica-cpp/dota2scripts
Source: Invoker.lua
Require: Utility.lua, Map.lua


  • Instance Helper
    • Switch to EEE when about to right click.
    • Switch to WWW while moving.
    • Switch to QQQ if health is not full.
    • This feature will not be activated when invoking a spell or being invisible.
  • Sun Strike Helper
    • Sun strike enemy who is in a fixed position (being stunned, rooted, or taunted)
    • Sun strike enemy whose movement speed is slow.
    • Sun strike killable enemy. It considers how many enemy nearby.
    • Sun strike TPing enemy (even in FoW), but don't sun strike those who TP from base.
    • Sun strike enemy who is farming neutral creeps or roshing (only a smart proportion of these actions are detectable).
  • Cold Snap Combo
    • Cast cold snap on enemy who is affected by DoT (chaos meteor, urn, ice wall, radiance, etc).
    • DoT is defined in Utility.lua
  • Meteor & Blast Combo - cast deafening blast to those who is burn by chaos meteor.
  • Eul/Tornado Combo
    • Cast ice wall, chaos meteor, sun strike, EMP in response to the timing of eul/tornado"
    • Priority: ice wall -> EMP -> chaos meteor -> sun strike
  • Right Click Combo
    • Cast cold snap, alacrity or forge spirit when right click enemy hero or building.
    • Cast alacrity or forge spirit when farming jungle.
    • This feature is disabled if current level is below 3.
  • Fixed Position Combo
    • Cast sun strike, chaos meteor, or EMP to those enemies who are stunned, taunted, rooted, or slowed.
    • Priority: chaos meteor -> EMP -> sun strike.
  • Kill Steal
    • Cast sun strike, tornado, or deafening blast to KS.
    • It considers delays in casting and uses predictions.
  • Interrupt
    • Cast cold snap or tornado to cancel enemy's tp or channeling spell.
    • TPs in FoW can be cancelled by tornado.
  • One Key Ghost Walk
    • Default key: F5
    • Switch to WWW before ghost walk if HP is healthy.
    • Switch to QQQ before ghost walk if HP is low.
  • Defend
    • Quickly response to certain projectiles, ultimates, and AoE stuns. It's implemented in Dodge.lua.
    • For example: response with tornado if sven casts hammer on you; cast deafening blast if PA blinks on you.
    • Reaction priority: tornado -> deafening blast -> cold snap -> ice wall -> EMP

API Reference

For developers, I provide some APIs that you can use to build your own invoker script easily. An example is given below.

Please feel free to leave suggestions below, in the forum or github. If you like it, a star for this repo is highly appreciated. Check here for more scripts and latest updates.