Don't worry, precious axe. Blink Dagger does not come to chop.

Axe Script

Version: 1.0
Repository: Eroica-cpp/dota2scripts
Source: Axe.lua
Require: Utility.lua


  • When pressing Q, Auto Blink to a calculated spot to Berserker's Call as many enemies as possible.
  • Auto pop all useful items when calling, such as Blade Mail, Shiva's Guard, Lotus Orb, Mjollnir, Pipe of Insight, etc. This will not be activated if there is no enemy around.
  • Auto Initiating Mode that Berserker's Call any enemy in range. It can be turned on/off in game by pressing a key (default key: E). For example, this mode helps you counter-smoke and counter-initiation instantly. Also, when you're not confident about Blink Dagger's range, you can just turn on this mode and approach to the enemy, then it will initiate automatically.
  • Auto cast Battle Hunger on the enemy that you are attacking.

Please feel free to leave suggestions below, in the forum or github. If you like it, a star for this repo would be appreciated. Check here for more scripts and latest updates.